Friday, April 24, 2009

Feed a Family of 8 on $100 for One Week

My neighbor and I were talking about budgets and prices at various stores recently, and I made the mistake of saying "If I had to I could feed everyone for $100 per week." OK That might be pushing it, but I'm always up to a good challenge. Let me add that Six are Adults, and one is here for many meals, but not all. The child is eight years old and he has a very healthy appetite. So I guess pizza night is out. Lunch is included, however the student eats at school, and half of the others 2 rarely eat lunch at home.

Keep in mind that I'm estimating pricing based on what will be consumed in the week, not necessarily what the price of the bulk items are. Also, many items will still have leftovers going to the next week and some into the 3rd week!

  • eggs $3.00
  • milk $4.50
  • pancake mix $3.00
  • Butter $2.00
  • syrup $2.00
  • cereal $3.00
  • orange juice $2.00
Breakfast Total $19.50


  • soup (case) $7.50
  • bananas x 2 $4.00
  • bread $4.00 (dinner also)...toast w/ soup, grilled cheese, pb&j
  • pineapple $3.00
  • cheese $4.00 (grilled cheese)
  • hot dogs $6.00
  • hot dog buns $2.00
  • ketchup $1.00
  • mustard $1.00
  • peanut butter (assuming it's safe to eat) $3.00
  • jelly $2.00
  • Also any of the breakfast items can be used at lunch.
Lunch Total $37.50 .... with many leftovers for late dinners, or quick snacks.

Dinner here we go........

  • chicken $12.00 (fresh - I don't know the weight, however it's enough to make a dinner of enchiladas, or casserole that will last 2 evenings. PLUS enough left for some chicken salad for lunch, or another casserole.
  • potatoes 15 pounds $7.00 (plenty for baked and mashed thru week)
  • flour tortillas $4.00 (cheese quesadillas - also for breakfast, enchiladas
  • shredded cheese $5.00
  • sour cream $2.00
  • baked beans $2.00 also w/ hot dogs for lunch
  • black beans $2.00
  • rice $4.00
  • spaghetti $3.00
  • spaghetti sauce $6.00
  • green beans $2.00
  • corn $2.00
  • hamburger $12.00
  • frozen fried chicken $5.00 (box is $15.00 but it lasts approx 3 meals.
Dinner Total is $68.00 ....for a Grand Total of $125.00 with all the left overs that roll into the next week from buying bulk and the large variety the actual total consumed within the week could be as little as $100.

There are some items missing that are required to pull a recipe together, but you get the idea. Don't buy frozen, or prepackaged food for the most part, and don't buy "junk food" (although the hot dogs could be considered junk by some).

Now I know this doesn't include some of the more important grocery items like coffee, beer and an occassional rum! But if you buy those items from the store and consume them at home you'll have a much grander savings compared to Starbucks or your local pub.

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